Our strength lies in providing customized and cost-effective security solutions to our customers, comprising of corporate houses, industrial establishments, hotels, embassies and organizations on a global arena. We provide maximum security solutions at minimum cost. Right from security consulting, multi-level investigations, physical guarding to training and technology, every security requirement is met with utmost care for details. Knowing fully well that each assignment has a distinctive nature, we depend on our highly qualified and experienced staff to formulate specific approaches for total accuracy. Our daily preoccupation is to raise corporate standards through customer care, subject matter depth and employing a protective environment. The need of the hour is to protect common places, commercial and medical establishments in particular where large cash transactions and other assets require specialized security .


RISF Focus is able to deliver the quality result, The first time every time. The company's quality standards are benchmarked to remarkable class levels with top quality certifications. Ensure Maximum customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards and services that we deliver. Our team of dedicated professionals works with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality in keeping with our mission objectives.


It is done as per the format specially designed catering to the physical and educational standards of the prospective security staff. Besides stress is laid to his background with an eye on his past history and employment with a view to rooting out the entry of undesired persons. This is done through references checks and also police/personal verification.


Training Basic training in a military drill is imparted and the bearing of a raw person is perfected. He is taught to put on the uniform, how to stand at 'attention' and at 'ease and to salute’. The person is then acquainted with the means, active and passive, that allow the conduct of activities within the organization without disruption. The training is based on two principles viz., Intelligence and control. The recruits are taught the basic security attributes such as gathering information, prevention of crime, detection, and aesthetics. The stress is laid on the prevention and aesthetic part of the security. The entrants are taught to man and exercise various controls throughout physical search and maintenance of gate records/registers. They are also taught to check details of entry/exit of men and material. They are further trained to use their uniforms properly with a view. to enhance the prestige of the organization they are deputed to serve.

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